International Conference of Occlusion Medicine Japan

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iaaid-Asia (The Asian Division of The International Academy of Advanced Interdisciplinary
Dentistry) closed at the end of June 2017. Based on that group, we started ICOM-Japan
(International Conference of Occlusion Medicine Japan) from September 2017.

Our information such as events will be released from this page.


Sequential Occlusion Advanced Course (Hakusui Co.)
Lecturers: Sadao Sato, Satoshi Aoki, Naohito Nakayama,
Atsushi Hasegawa, Akiyoshi Shirasu

Language: Japanese
Target: Person who completed basic sequential occlusion course

The 8th World Dental Meeting in Japan 2018
(The Quintessence Publishing JAPAN)
Period: Oct. 5 to 7, 2018
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama

ICOM-Japan Seminar will hold on 7th Oct. afternoon (@ Hall J).

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